Affordable at every step

Amber School Manager comes with all features included regardless of your plan.
  • 15,000
    student hours/year
  • 100 EUR
    per month
  • 50 EUR/month per additional 5,000 student hours
  • 50,000
    student hours/year
  • 200 EUR
    per month
  • 50 EUR/month per additional 7,500 student hours
  • 100,000
    student hours/year
  • 400 EUR
    per month
  • 50 EUR/month per additional 15,000 student hours
  • 200,000
    student hours/year
  • 600 EUR
    per month
  • /

Supercharge your school with extension modules

Jantar - IH Split is a family-owned school with around 1800 students enrolling each year, which means a lot of time-consuming administrative work.
In 2015 we acquired Amber School Manager and started managing all our business processes through the platform. Within a year, we were able to save approx. 2000 hours on different tasks. Thanks to Amber SM, we received four Erasmus KA1 grants and one major KA2 grant. We became a certified Cambridge Assessment English Exam Centre and in 2019 we joined the International House affiliation and became Jantar – IH Split.
Today we cannot imagine running our school without Amber SM. It is a platform that integrates all of our business processes in a single online platform and brings us numerous benefits, from major financial savings to marketing tools and added value for our students.

Mirjana Sobin
Owner, Jantar - IH Split

Pricing & Billing FAQ

Student hours are defined as the number of lessons (in academic hours) your school delivers multiplied by the number of students present on each of those lessons.

For example, if you enroll 10 students onto a 60-hour course, that gives you 10 x 60 = 600 student hours.

The easiest way to approximate the number of student hours your school delivers is to multiply the average number of students during one academic year with the average number of hours a course lasts.

Student hours for year = number of students x average duration of course

For example, a school with an average of 1000 students and an average course duration between 30 and 60 hours can expect to deliver 1000 x 45 = 45,000 student hours.

Anything! All features of Amber SM are included in every price tier, including the trial period. The trial period is treated the same way as the Startup tier.
If you want to continue using Amber SM after your trial period ends, you will need to add a credit card and subscribe to one of our plans. We will stay in contact with you during the duration of your trial and help you with anything you need.
The base price includes:
  • Up to the noted number of student hours per year, calculated as the rolling average for the last 12 months
    • Additional student hours can be purchased – once your total base price reaches the price of a new tier, you receive all the benefits of that tier
  • Setup of 1 legal entity
    • Includes setup of 5 form templates
  • 5 GB of storage space
  • Up to a certain number of emails sent, depending on your price tier - additional emails can be purchased
    • Startup: 100 emails/month
    • School: 200 emails/month
    • Academy: 500 emails/month
    • Organization: 1000 emails/month
Amber SM allows users to send various emails to students directly through the system. These range from basic login emails to complex ones, such as invitations to events, overdue payment reminders and general marketing campaigns. If your school requires more emails, additional emails can be added to your subscription. Basic emails aren't counted torwards your monthly email limit.
  • Setup and maintenance of 1 extra legal entity – 50 EUR per month
    • Includes setup of 5 form templates
  • Online classrooms – 14 EUR per month per license
    • One license enables online meetings on one classroom
  • Additional emails – 20 EUR per month for 10,000 emails
  • Additional online training sessions – 40 EUR per hour
    • Live training sessions are available upon request – fees negotiable
  • We will soon offer extra storage space – we will disclose pricing once this is available
  • Additional form templates – 80 EUR one-time fee per form template
  • System customization and development services – 80 EUR per developer hour
No. Amber School Manager is priced based on the number of student hours your school performs, not the number of users inside your organization.
We don’t offer refunds for cancelled subscriptions or any additional services.