Invite everyone to collaborate

Amber SM offers an unlimited number of user accounts and customizable security settings


Get key insights

Whether you are evaluating your teachers’ performance and profitability, developing marketing strategies, considering your investment planning, or even writing data-driven scientific papers, Amber SM’s extensive set of reports and analyses can give you all the data you need.

Improve financial flows

Running a business requires immaculate financial administration. Amber SM makes financial management easy and allows fast, simple, and error-proof financial reporting.

Communicate better

An integrated chat and digital content sharing platform allows for efficient communication between managers, staff, and students.

I could not imagine doing my job without Amber SM. We have cut staff overtime dramatically since our schools have joined. Everyone finds it easy to use, students and parents included, and it allows our schools to be run efficiently and professionally. Having Amber during COVID has saved our businesses and has allowed us to grow as a company.

Joanna Paolinelli
Educational manager, British school MOPI


Maximize your lead to student conversion

Never lose a potential client again due to a lack of proper enrollment mechanisms. Amber SM tracks your leads from the moment they apply to the moment they enroll in your classes.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Automate the issuing of contracts and certificates. File and document all of your paperwork in a single place. Ensure that all necessary student data is present.

Make scheduling easy

The organization of lessons and events is simple with a visual calendar and powerful scheduling features. Prevent double-booking and apply complex schedules to courses with ease.

Amber has quadrupled the work efficiency of our school team by connecting our management, administration, and teaching. We moved to it about five years ago for its accessibility anywhere-anytime and the fact that it allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users. Amber has become a crucial tool for our school - highly recommended for serious business!

Berislav Božanović
Owner, Linguapax


Improve learning outcomes

Organize and execute your courses effectively. Amber SM allows teachers, students, managers, and administrators easy access to course-related information – schedules, grades, attendance, homework, and digital learning materials.

Track your student’s progress

With a high degree of user customization and a variety of tools, Amber SM enables comprehensive management of all your students, including their education portfolios, financial history, personal archives, etc.

Make sharing a piece of cake

Give students easy access to course-related information – schedules, grades, attendance, homework, and digital learning materials.

Amber SM adapts to your needs

With over 40 different setup categories and many configuration options