An integrated communication platform for secure and organized information exchange

*Amber SM pricing has changed since the recording of this video. For up-to-date pricing please go to our pricing page.

Amber SM's exchange platform integrates several different modules for improved communication on all levels. The integrated chat service provides quick and easy communication among individuals or even groups. Chat is accessible to all user accounts, enabling both teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent communication, as well as communication between staff members.

Amber SM also features multiple other exchange modules specifically designed for information exchange (such as information about missed lectures or homework, digital content sharing, homework assignments, and much more). All of these were implemented to improve business to client communication. Our exchange module offers new, improved and innovative communication channels, leading to better business-to-client relations, as well as more effective communication within the school hierarchy.

Send e-mails through Amber SM

Stay in touch with your clients through our integrated e-mail service. Create smart, context-based email templates for every occasion and send them directly through Amber SM. Examples of uses for email templates include:

  • General marketing emails
  • Outstanding balances reminders
  • Event invitations
  • Invoice emails
  • Enrollment-related emails
  • And many more

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