This project is funded by the European Union

Knowledge cloud – an integrated platform for establishing and managing future schools

Project reference code: KK.

Implementation period: 1.5.2017. – 1.11.2018.

Project value: 1.877.302,00 HRK

Co-financing source: European regional development fund

EU co-financing amount: 1.485.852,40 HRK

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The project is part of the commercialization strategy of the innovation Amber School Manager (ASM). The project includes market research activities, procurement of necessary equipment, upgrades and adaptations, and marketing and sales of the product on national, regional and global markets. As this creates an exceptional value offer for all education stakeholders, the project could have far-reaching positive effects on the beneficiary, end users, but also local communities, generating positive social, economic and economic impacts.

Project goals:

  1. The development and market penetration of a newly established company through further investment and adaptation, commercialization and placement of the innovative holistic ICT solution for the complete and systematic improvement of business and educational processes of private educational institutions on national and international markets
  2. Through implementation of innovative holistic ICT solutions contribute to modernization, competitiveness and profitability of private educational institutions
  3. By reducing administrative burden and increasing business and educational productivity of the staff of educational institutions, contribute to improvement, availability and cost-effectiveness of achieving learning outcomes of targeted educational institutions that are compatible with the demands of the modern labour market and (self)employability prospects of their students

Expected project results:

  • ASM commercialized as an innovation in the company’s offer and in the market
  • New jobs: 5
  • The number of private educational organizations using ASM: 47
  • The number of national markets on which ASM is sold: 4
  • The percentage of client organizations showing improvement of financial results using ASM: 65%
  • The percentage of client organizations that demonstrate improvement of administrative and andragogical processes using ASM: 85%
  • The percentage of teaching staff of client organizations showing a high degree of satisfaction with ASM: 80%