Business insights

Make smart decisions!

Amber SM’s extensive set of business reports provides intuitive business analysis and intelligence, allowing for improved decision making and business development. Whether you are evaluating your teachers' performance and profitability, developing marketing strategies, considering your investment planning, or even writing data driven scientific papers, Amber SM’s Business Insights module can give you all the data you need. If you want your business to grow and flourish, an educated guess will simply not be enough. We provide the tools you need to steer your business in the right direction.

Long term analysis

In addition to many real time analytical data, Amber SM features a number of reports that allow for long term business monitoring. For example, you can track your student numbers over a designated period of time, with direct correlation to financial flows. Continuous data monitoring provides a lot clearer picture over time and allows for better planning and decision making.

Your school by the numbers

  • enrollment analysis
  • student statistics
  • venue profitability
  • teacher effectiveness
  • drop-out percentages

Unleash your marketing

  • student demographics
  • course popularity
  • age related data
  • gender related data

Financial analysis that everyone understands

  • interactive, easy-to-use graphs and charts
  • graphical analysis of income and expenses
  • income analysis by venue, course type or teacher
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis of expenses
  • income projections

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