Automate time-consuming administrative processes

An average ASM user has 7.490 student contracts and 6.885 course certificates issued over a three-year period. Each of these needs to be carefully enumerated and filed, in accordance with both local laws and the school's administrative policies. These represent just a fraction of paperwork needed to be handled annually, yet paperwork, although one of the most time-consuming operations, is not the only administrative process that can be optimized. ASM's Admin Wizard provides significant reduction in operational resources, while at the same time strengthening your institutional organization. Time-saving benefits ensure that your staff is focused on their main business activities, rather than being entangled in bureaucracy.

Create, manage and organize your courses and groups

Course management is one of the core ASM modules. A well-organized interface allows users to easily connect different course components, ranging from educational components (such as textbooks used), to financial (such as price, VAT rates, VAT exemptions, etc.). This component integration allows automation of most administrative processes. In fact, the creation of courses and student groups completes almost all administrative operations in ASM on a yearly basis. For a school with an average of 220 groups annually, it takes an experienced user approximately four to five hours to set up courses, groups and schedules for the entire school year.

Employee management designed specifically for schools

The human resources module allows users to store and manage employee related data. In addition to standard employee information (biodata, contract information, competencies, etc.), HR module stores all professional development activities and tracks course related textbooks distributed to teachers.

Automatic payroll calculator

Floating course schedules, group distribution, irregular shifts, complex school year calendar - these are just some of the reasons why it is often difficult and time-consuming to correctly calculate teachers' payroll. ASM's payroll calculator is integrated with a digital course schedule, and allows calculation of working hours at the click of a button.

Form generator

ASM allows users to generate and print all forms from one single interface. Users can define any form template needed, and these become available for use through the interface. Forms that need to be archived (such as contracts or certificates) are automatically saved into the database, while others (e.g. application forms) are simply printed as needed. Any template can be generated/printed for individual students or entire student groups.

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